Sale Prices- Charles Frederick Keller (1852-1925)

We do not have records of his sales from his studio in Munich, or his New York studio. After his death, primarily family portraits were inherited by his children, passed down in the family and have not been sold. Some of the works sold during his lifetime are starting to appear at auction. Below are known recent sales. His bigger landscape paintings were not known to the family as they were exhibited in Chicago, Paris, Munich, and New York and sold. There is not a developed market for his work as it has remained in private collections.

Prices achieved

$507 (1988), Stuttgart, Germany

$1070 (1988), Munich, Germany

$5000-7000 (1988) Massachusetts, USA

Undisclosed (1991), Litchfield Connecticut, USA

$11,500 (1994), Philadelphia, PA, USA

$713 (1996), Oregon, USA

$260 (2014), Florida, USA

$3,950 (2020), Philadelphia, PA, USA

$512 (2020), New Orleans, LA, USA

$800 (2020) New Jersey, USA

$400 (2022) Massachusetts, USA